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This is a Guild Wars fansite with a difference. The difference being it started over two years after the game came out, and even after its successor has been announced. Ah well. Maybe it's just ahead of the game for GW2. Anyways, this site mostly exists as a place for me to practise making a dynamic website on linux. I've always wanted to make a GW site since I enjoy finding information on and helping people with the game, so this seemed a natural choice.
In magical optimistic land where I have unlimited bandwidth and users are free and plentiful, I'd hope this can become a site where people can share positive viewpoints on the game rather than the constant pessimism you tend to find on the forums. Not just yet though, since I haven't got anywhere for people to post.
This is also a personal site, since I don't expect it to get popular I can do what I like with it! So you might find info on my exploits (note: this is the 'act or deed' sort of exploits, not the hax kind) mixed in with the more generic GW information.

About Guild Wars

Guild Wars is an online game where you play with other people or computer controlled players and attempt to save the world! Or something. It's the first big non-sim game that I've played so I'm rather at a loss as to how to describe it.
It's basically an MMORPG, except there's no monthly fees and everything you *need* is rather easily accessible, making it excellent for casual players like myself. There's also shiny things you don't need to have (but are shiny), which take forever to get and give me lofty goals to go for.
It's really easy to get into, I tried a couple other big games but this is the only one that's managed to hold my interest. Anyways, since I keep degenerating into my own experiences with it, maybe you should just go to their synopsis.

About the purple llama

I played Guild Wars in the first public beta and have been playing regularly ever since. I enjoy playing, reading about, and helping people with Guild Wars. Now i'm trying my hand at writing about it. I also enjoy making things, both in real life and on the computer. I have a dog and some aquariums with fish and shrimp and plants and corals and none of this is related to GW so no one is quite sure why it's here. Oh, it's so you don't think I'm obsessed. I'm really not. I do, however, have collectors editions of all the chapters and have somehow managed to collect rather a lot of GW merchandise (PS: ANet rules!).