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Links - The main Guild Wars site. Go here to see shiny pictures, news, updates and more, right from the source. - This is a special entry to the main site, meant more for existing players looking for game news than for new players. Here you'll find quick access to news and updates, with less focus on selling you the game.

Download the game client - No, this isn't piracy. The client is essentially free, but you won't be able to play without an access code. Existing players can use this to install and play on another machine. The login screen uses the same engine as the main game, so if you're not sure if your machine can run the game, you can download and run the client to find out. If you want to buy an account, you can do it through the online store accessible within the client. - The official Guild Wars wiki is updated by players and hosted by ArenaNet. Go here if you're having trouble with a quest or mission, wondering what you'll need to craft your next armour, or just wanting to learn more about the world of Guild Wars.

GuildWiki - The unofficial wiki was around from the beginning, it has ads and is missing the staff presence of the official wiki. However, due to the official wiki coming out later on in the life of the game, this is a useful resource for information on earlier quests when the official one is lacking.

Fansite Roster - A list of Guild Wars fansites compiled by ArenaNet. On a lot of these you'll find forums where you can chat with other Guild Wars players.