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Item of the Week

Guild Wars has a lot of items. Some of them are fairly straightforward, some quite unique. Every friday we feature a new item that stands out, be it interesting, amusing, mysterious or underrated.

The Ugly Stick

The Ugly StickIt's a double green drop weekend, so what better time to feature one of Guild Wars' many green items?

This week's item is the ugly stick, a stick which is not only ugly itself but is also likely to make whoever got hit with it ugly.

If you want one, go to The Eternal Grove and take out Tembarr Treefall. If you're lucky, he'll drop one for you.

After all, he looks like he's had quite enough of it.

Mark of Aidan

Mark of AidanSo you're trying to help get refugees from Ascalon into Kryta. Standing in your way is the Ice Cave. It's one of the first underground places you'll find in prophecies after pre-searing, and can be kind of confusing.

Not to worry, though! Aidan has left little piles of rocks to guide your way. How kind of him.

You can pick them up and take them with you, too. That's not really the best idea, though, since you can't do anything with them. Besides, if you took them, all the refugees coming behind you would presumably get lost.

Taro Leaves

Taro LeavesWhile exploring the Alcazia Tangle, you might stumble upon a Taro Plant. From it, you can pick Taro Leaves. What do I do with Taro Leaves, you ask? Why, you dry them and make a delicious tea!

OK, that was a lie. But there's a small-eared asura named Oggy nearby who could probably find a use for them. You should go talk to him.

This is a neat little piece in the game - it's not actually a quest, just a fun little mini diversion to fill out the world a bit.

Tanned Hide Square

Tanned Hide SquareOK. Now, I want you to look at the picture. Sure, I could see that being tanned hide. Easy. But what kind of crazy world are we living in where that is a square?

It might be a triangle. A very rough one. There's all sorts of other things they could have called it too; piece, scrap, whatever.

Don't get me wrong, though. I totally love these little squares. Anet has a sense of humour about them too, part of the April fool's day update included renaming them to 'Tanned Hide Polygons'.


BoboSometimes we all need a hug. And when there isn't someone around to inflict one on, you can look to Bobo! He bears a startling resemblance to a certain TV bear by the same name.
You get Bobo during the quest Double Dog Dare, and completing the quest does involve returning this treasure to his young owner. It is a neat quest, lacking in splats, and can only be done by Nightfall natives. If you wish to keep your Bobo you can abandon the quest after you get him.

Fesitval Prize

Fesitval PrizeIn 2007, because of some internet glitches, there were two Dragon Festivals.
During the first, in the finale, Festival Prizes dropped for all. During the second, Fesitval Prizes! That's right, Fesitval. I kept one in my storage, they were good stuff.
One fateful day I looked in my storage and my Fesitval Prize was gone! Replaced with a plain old Festival Prize. I was sad, then I opened it. It contained a Red Bean Cake. Purple ate it. It gave her a Sugar Rush.

Jade Wind Orb

Jade Wind OrbIt's dragon festival time! The very first dragon festival was held in 2006. It was held to commemorate the survival of the dragon people after the horrible Jade Wind two hundred years prior. Jade Wind Orbs were given out as part of the celebration, and could be redeemed for prizes.
Unfortunately, that first Dragon festival was attacked by a great evil. The evil was, of course, defeated, and the Dragon festival is now a yearly event where the Canthans recreate the attacks as well as the party.
The Jade Wind Orbs, however, were retired and replaced with Victory Tokens.

Eternal Bliss

Eternal BlissAhh, cults. They'll promise you the world, just to get you to join. The cult of the stone face offers you Eternal Bliss (and later, Transcendent Glory.) It's right there in the quest reward listing. But, just like the empty promises of real life cults, when you go to collect it's gone! You obviously weren't good enough.

Tapestry Shred

Tapestry ShredThere was a time before the Charr destroyed Ascalon. Near this vibrant city, in its green hills and safe fields, we met Gwen for the first time. She was looking for a friend to go on adventures with, and if she got to like you well enough, she'd give you her favorite item in the whole world - the tapestry shred.
The tapestry shred is marked as a quest item. Now, we tend to hold onto quest items since they can generally be turned in later for quest rewards. We got this item at the beginning of prophecies, and held on to it through Factions, through Nightfall, and all the way to the very end of Eye of the North. Well, not the very end, but close enough.
There, we finally get to turn it in. I can honestly say that that was the longest running 'quest' in the series.

Rune of DOOM

Rune of DOOMThis is a quest item from the Nightfall quest A Show of Force. When I first saw it I just saw there a moment, stunned. I believe the next reaction was something along the lines of 'DOOOOOOOOOOOOOM'.
If you've got one of these and would like to keep it, be aware that if it is in your inventory when you accept the quest reward, it will be taken from you.

Brick of Mud

Brick of MudHow could I feature the clay brick without also featuring the brick of mud? This was a 'common' crafting material. Supposedly. I don't know that anyone ever found one.
You needed one of these to make a clay brick. We're still not sure what we were expected to make with all these bricks. That's probably why they never showed up.

Clay Brick

Clay BrickAh, the clay brick. Quite possibly the rarest of the rare crafting materials, considering it never really existed.
Their only evidence in-game was found when visiting some artisans who would craft them for you in exchange for a brick of mud, a pile of glittering dust and 20 gold. Just you try finding a brick of mud in this town! The Charr must have stolen them all to build their firepits.

Sadly, the May 29, 2008 update removed this last trace of clay bricks from the game.